Spring Cleaning by Jenn Slavich

Spring Cleaning


It's time to live in a beautifully clean and organized home.  Learn how to spring clean your home in a weekend!

What's included?

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Spring cleaning overview 1.mp4
5 mins
Take Action Checklist Spring Cleaning.pdf
2.12 MB
spring cleaning workbook.pdf
2.8 MB
Spring cleaning schedule 2.mp4
6 mins
spring cleaning tools and supplies 3.mp4
2 mins
spring cleaning where to start 4.mp4
4 mins
spring cleaning time 5.mp4
3 mins
spring cleaning declutter 6.mp4
3 mins
spring cleaning extra tips 7.mp4
2 mins
cleaning caddy.mp4
7 mins
schedule and route.mp4
10 mins
7 mins
3 mins
Shower head.mp4
3 mins
Window sill.mp4
2 mins

Simple time-saving solutions for the overwhelmed busy mom