Cluttered to Decluttered in 20 by Jenn Slavich

Cluttered to Decluttered in 20

Go from clutter to decluttered in 20 minutes!

Living in an organized home is possible!

By following the steps you can go from cluttered to decluttered in 20 minutes.  

Cluttered to Decluttered in 20 is an eCourse

Showing you the exact steps to take to enjoy a beautifully organized home by only spending 20 minutes a day. 
You'll see a huge transformation during your first 20 minute session.
This is perfect for anyone who gets overwhelmed with clutter or doesn't know where to start.

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 2 files


Declutter 3.mp4
2 mins
Declutter 1.mp4
2 mins
Declutter 5.mp4
3 mins
Declutter 2.mp4
5 mins
Declutter 4.mp4
4 mins
Declutter Take Action Checklist.pdf
198 KB
Cluttered to Decluttered Workbook.pdf
495 KB
Declutter 6.mp4
2 mins
Declutter 7.mp4
5 mins

Simple time-saving solutions for the overwhelmed busy mom